Events Vocational Course – 2024

Vocational Course – 2024


The Manufacturing Resource Centre (MRC), a state-of-the-art and well-equipped multipurpose Central Workshop, established under the auspices of the NUST School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (SMME), has regularly been conducting Vocational Training Courses as part of the Skill Development Programmes, since 2013. This year too, the Vocational Courses have been conducted from 24th June 2024 to 16th August 2024 to impart the practical training/skills in:


1)        Machining: Basic hands-on training in Lathe and Milling Machines.

2)        Electrician: Hands-on training in Single & Three Phase Wiring, Motors, Generators, Washing Machines, Split ACs, UPS and Solar Systems, etc.

3)        Welding: Hands-on training in Arc & Gas Welding techniques and overview of Tig & Mig welding.


The purpose of these vocational courses is to uplift the socio-economic development and capacity building of the community, especially for those who belong to the less privileged segments of society. Besides, these courses are one of the best sources to enable the youth from unskilled to skilled. Therefore, in order to encourage a large community, these courses are offered free of cost. The enrolled students are imparted working-level knowledge in the selected fields and are also awarded certificates on completion of the courses, enabling them to set their future careers and earn their livelihood.


To ensure the maximum participation of candidates from around the Country, widespread publicity of these courses is made through circulation in the print media (leading newspapers, etc), social media, and NUST Web portal. Admissions to aspiring candidates are awarded on merit and without any discrimination of gender, creed, and sect.


For the execution of vocational courses, technical resources i.e. manpower, equipment, machinery, and technical facilities are provided by the MRC/SMME from their own resources, whereas funds, to purchase the consumables, materials, and, tools etc, are provided by philanthropist organizations, donors, and industries.


As of now, a total of 514 students have been trained to work as Machinist, Electrician, and Welder.

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June 24,2024 - 16, 2024