Faculty Muhammad Nabeel Anwar

Muhammad Nabeel Anwar

HoD Research
  • School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
  • 090856060

Academic Background
PhD (Biomedical Engineering And Bioelectronics) University of Genoa January 01, 2005 - March 19, 2008
Honours and Awards
Techno-Economic Analysis of Vacuum Membrane Distillation for Seawater Desalination March 15, 2023 Hassaan Idrees , Sara Baber Sial, Muhammad Sajid, Muhammad Rashid, Fahad Iqbal Khawaja, Zaib Ali, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Membranes - Volume 13, Issue 3, Article Number 339
The effects of unilateral transcranial direct current stimulation on unimanual laparoscopic peg-transfer task November 15, 2021 Zaeem Hadi, Aysha Umbreen, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Muhammad Samran Navid, Brain Research - Volume 1771, Article Number 147656
Visual Size Perception and Haptic Calibration After Late Emergence From Blindness April 01, 2019 Hafsah Ahmad, Monica Gori, Alessia Tonelli, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Giulio Sandini, Perception - Volume: 48, Pages 106-107, Supplement: 1
Polymer Concentration and Solvent Variation Correlation with the Morphology and Water Filtration Analysis of Polyether Sulfone Microfiltration Membrane March 03, 2019 Muhammad Azeem U. R. Alvi, Muhammad Waqas Khalid, Nasir M. Ahmad , Muhammad Bilal Khan Niazi, Mehwish Batool, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Waqas Akram Cheema, Sikandar Rafiq, Advances in Polymer Technology - Volume 2019, Article ID 8074626, 11 pages
Parametric analysis of wax printing technique for fabricating microfluidic paper-based analytic devices (µPAD) for milk adulteration analysis March 01, 2019 Muhammad Younas, Ammara Maryam, Mushtaq Khan, Ahmad Ahsan Nawaz, Syed Husian Imran Jaffery, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Liaqat Ali, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics - Volume 23, Issue 3, Article Number 38
The effects of a single session of chiropractic care on strength, cortical drive, and spinal excitability in stroke patients February 25, 2019 Kelly Holt, Imran Khan Niazi, Rasmus Wiberg Nedergaard, Jens Duehr, Imran Amjad, Muhammad Shaffique, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Harrison Ndetan, Kemal S. Turker, Heidi Haavik, Scientific Reports - Volume 9, Issue 1, Article Number 2673
Graphene Oxide-PES-Based Mixed Matrix Membranes for Controllable Antibacterial Activity against Salmonella typhi and Water Treatment November 18, 2018 Haleema Tariq Bhatti, Nasir Mahmood Ahmad, Muhammad Bilal Khan Niazi, Muhammad Azeem-ur-Rehman Alvi, Naveed Ahmad, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Waqas Akram Cheema, Sheraz Tariq, Mehwish Batool, Zaeem Aman, Hussnain Ahmed Janjua, Asim Laeeq Khan, Asad U. Khan, The International Journal of Polymer Science - NULL
Development and in vitro evaluation of cost effective amphotericin B polymeric emulsion August 01, 2018 Zo-Ain Ishaq, Naveed Ahmed, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Ihsan ul-Haq, Tofeeq ur-Rehman, Nasir Mahmood Ahmad, Abdelhamid Elaissari, Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology - Volume 46, Pages 66-73
Synergistic effect of Chitosan-Zinc Oxide Hybrid Nanoparticles on antibiofouling and water disinfection of mixed matrix polyethersulfone nanocomposite membranes November 01, 2017 Iqra Munnawar, Sadia S. Iqbal, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar , Mehwish Batool, Sheraz Tariq, Nosheen Fatima Rana, Asim L. Khan, Umair Nazar, Tahir Jamil, Nasir M.Ahmad, Carbohydrate Polymers - Volume 175, Pages 661-670
Multifunctional Curcumin Mediate Multitherapeutic Effects September 01, 2017 Adeeb Shehzad, Munibah Qureshi, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar , Young Sup Lee, Journal of Food Science - NULL
Evaluation of eddy current signatures for predicting different heat treatment effects in chromium?vanadium (CrV) spring steel July 01, 2017 Javeria Hashmi, Mahmood Khan, Mushtaq Khan, Syed Husain Imran Jaffery, Liaqat Ali, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Tayyab Subhani, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part L: Journal of Materials: Design and Applications - Volume 231(3), Pages 259–271
Analysis of weld characteristics of micro-plasma arc welding and tungsten inert gas welding of thin stainless steel (304L) sheet December 30, 2016 Sadaf Batool, Mushtaq Khan, Syed Husain Imran Jaffery, Ashfaq Khan, Aamir Mubashar, Liaqat Ali, Nawar Khan, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part L: Journal of Materials: Design and Applications - Volume 230, Issue 6, Pages, 1005-1017
Therapeutic Efficacy of Neurostimulation for Depression: Techniques, Current Modalities, and Future Challenges February 01, 2016 Hafsah Akhtar, Faiza Bukhari, Misbah Nazir, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Adeeb Shehzad, Neuroscience Bulletin - Volume 32, Issue 1, Pages 115-126
A Review of Techniques for Detectio of Movement Intention using Movement-Related Cortical Potentials December 31, 2015 Aqsa Shakeel, Muhammad Samran Navid, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Suleman Mazhar, Mads Jochumsen, Imran Khan Niazi, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine - Volume 2015, Article ID 346217, 13 pages
Online multi-class brain-computer interface for detection and classification of lower limb movement intentions and kinetics for stroke rehabilitation December 09, 2015 Mads Jochumsen, Imran Khan Niazi, Muhammad Samran Navid, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Dario Farina, Kim Dremstrup, Brain-Computer Interfaces - Volume:2, Issue:4, Page:202-210
Neural dynamics in motor preparation: From phase-mediated global computation to amplitude-mediated local computation September 01, 2015 Takafumi Kajihara, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Masahiro Kawasaki, Yuji Mizuno, Kimitaka Nakazawa, Keiichi Kitajo, NeuroImage - Volume 118, Pages 445-455
Preparation of Antibacterial Cotton Fabric Using Chitosan-silver Nanoparticles July 29, 2015 Dooa Arif, Muhammad Bilal Khan Niazi, Noaman Ul-Haq, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar , Emran Hashmi, Fibers and Polymers - NULL
Use of wear map approach in optimization of drilling parameters for petroleum exploration June 30, 2015 Syed Husain Imran Jaffery, Shahid Sadiq, Mushtaq Khan, Liaqat Ali, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Aamir Mubashar, International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering - Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 63-65
A possible correlation between performance IQ, visuomotor adaptation ability and mu suppression April 07, 2015 Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Muhammad Samran Navid, Mushtaq Khan, Keiichi Kitajo, Brain Research - Volume:1603, Page:84-93
Trial-by-Trial Adaptation of Movements during Mental Practice under Force Field May 07, 2013 Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Salman Hameed Khan, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine - Volume 2013, Article ID 109497, 11 pages
Motor imagery facilitates force field learning June 13, 2011 Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Naoki Tomi, Koji Ito, Brain Research - Volume 1395, Pages 21-29
Real-time artifact filtering in continuous VEPs/fMRI recording November 15, 2009 Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Laura Bonzano, Davide Rossi Sebastiano, Luca Roccatagliata, Giovanni Gualniera, Paolo Vitali, Carla Ogliastro, Luciano Spadavecchia, Guido Rodriguez, Vittorio Sanguineti, Pietro Morasso, Fabio Bandini, Journal of Neuroscience Methods - Volume 184, Issue 2, Pages 213-223
A Fusion Approach: Gesture, Voice, Touch, and Sonar Technologies in Mobile Robot July 01, 2024 - July 04, 2024 Mina Khalid, Muhammad Raheel Qaisar, Atiqa Saeed, Nimra Zulfiqar, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, 10th International Conference on Control, Decision, and Information
Plantar Pressure Response for Classification of Parkinson's Disease patients with Gait Abnormalities using Machine Learning October 03, 2023 - October 04, 2023 Namra Afzal, Bisma Ramzan, Noor Fatima, Mina Khalid, Dr Muhammad Asim Waris, Dr Syed Omer Gilani, Dr. Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, 2023 International Conference on Digital Futures and Transformative Technologies, ICoDT2 2023
Director ICESCO June 02, 2018 - January 05, 2021
Research Scientist RIKEN March 08, 2013 - May 31, 2014
Postdoctoral Fellow Tokyo Institute of Technology May 01, 2008 - March 16, 2010