In The Spotlights Unveiling of Team Auj Formula 1

Unveiling of team “Auj” Formula 1 student version was organized at SMME, NUST on 28th June 2022. The team would be participating in Formula Student FS UK 2022. The team has twelve team members from SMME, SADA and SEECS, including two external student advisers (alumni) and faculty from SMME, NUST, H-12 Islamabad.

It’s an IMechE event in which students from all over the world participate and compete for Design, Eengineering skills, Innovation; thus, employing all the techniques learned through subjects in Engineering fields. This project is a perfect example of promotion of synergy within NUST schools as it involves students from SMME, SADA and SEECS which itself might be a first step ever taken in SMME. The skills attain would give our students an edge in joining automotive industry at large besides providing a special platform for those interested in joining motor racing as professional. The vehicle has been evacuated at every step by IMechE for design perfection before invitation to the elite competition. It would undergo field inspections again first for design limitations as stated in the rule book and if it qualifies as per specifications. It’s a tall order. My Allah give the team success in its endeavors.