Researches Advance Research In Cancer Materials And Neuroscience (Arcman)

Advance Research In Cancer Materials And Neuroscience (Arcman)

Group Members
  • Dr Nosheen Fatima
  • Dr Omer Gillani
  • Dr Adeeb Shehzad
  • Dr Asim Waris
  • Dr Saima Zafar
  • Dr Amer Sohail Kashif
External Members
  • Dr Earnest Kmavuako (KCL)
  • Dr Naveed Ahmed  (QAU)
  • Dr Aneela Javed  (ASAB)
  • Dr Nasir Mehmood Ahmed (SCME)
  • Dr Abida Raza (NILOP)
  • Dr Sohail aNaz (NCP)
  • Dr Imran Khan Niazi (NZ Cyro)
  • Dr Hamid Merchant (UK)
  • Dr Jean-Marie Laplace (France)
  • Prof. Dr. Inga Zerr, UMG, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Isidro Ferrer, UB, Spain
  • Dr Olivier Andreoletti, ENVT, France
  • Prof. Dr. Khalid Iqbal, IBR, USA.
  • Dr. Mohsin Shafiq. UKE, Germany
  • Dr Lesley Cheng Sim, LTU, Australia
  • Dr Saba Khaliq, UHS, Pakistan
  • Dr. Matthias Schmidt, UMG, Germany
  • Dr. Arsalan Ahmed, Shifa, Pakistan.
  • Dr Mazhar Badshah PIMS, Pakistan.
  • Dr. Oleksandr Yagensky, MPI, Germany
  • Kevin Engelhart, university of New Brunswick  Fredericton, Canada
  • Mads jochumsen, Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Usman Rashid, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Research Areas
  • Intelligent Stents and Grafts for the treatment of vascular /non-vascular cardiac and cancer diseases. Anisotropic Bone stent device for the healing of long bone fractures
  • Techniques to improve learning through motor skill acquisition in normal subjects and maximization of motor recovery in stroke patients
  • Internal Fixation device for spinal and long bone fracture healing
  • Research on interaction of surgical tools with bone tissue, which involves Ultrasonically-assisted cutting for minimal invasive orthopedic surgeries and the development of thermo-mechanical finite element model of bone cutting
  • Brain rehabilitation and neuro-prosthetic systems
  • Development of Drug Delivery Systems for the treatment of infectious disease
  • Nanomedicine approach for cancer treatment
  • Drug development to combat multidrug resistance
  • Natural Product research
  • Smart Bandage having Drug Dispensation and Tunable Porosity System for effective wound healing management
  • 3D porous scaffolds for both soft and hard (bone) tissue guided tissue remodeling/repair
  • Nano-fibers for in vivo drug delivery systems and in Regenerative medicine
  • Soft Tissue Replacement / Augmentation device
  • Treatment modalities for the prevention of cancer by targeting survival signaling, radioresistance and chemoreistance genes
  • Visual neuroscience
  • Proteomics/METABOLOMICS for translational medicine and therapeutics of neurodegenerative diseases.
  • In-vitro protein amplification systems for the detection of misfolded proteins in cerebrospinal fluid/saliva/urine and blood of human neurodegenerative diseases
  • Therapeutic strategy for vascular dementia leading to stroke in Pakistani population
  • Impact of post-translational modifications by regulating the function and translocation of proteins involved in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, degenerative dementia, Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD) diseases.
  • Apoe genotyping for Alzheimer’s diseases and other dementias.
  • Tauopathies and synucleinopathies.
  • Prion-o-pathies in Pakistani population.
  • Establishment of transgenic mouse models for neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Emergence and implementation of digital-biomarkers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
Industrial Projects (Completed)
  • Smart Stent – Ignite : Rs.8.096 Million
  • 3-Pharmatec Pvt Ltd.— Rs. 1.3 Million
Research Projects(Completed)
  • Lungs Cancer – PSF: Rs.2.0 Million
  • UNESCO (TWAS) – USD 7000.
  • Development of Saliency Model for dynamic Scenes (0.27M)
  • Torso detection on embedded systems (0.2 M)
  • Human detection in complex background (0.2 M)
  • Micro scanning stage design (0.3 M)
  • Implementation of image deconvoluation system on embedded system (0.25M)
  • Target discrimination in electro optical tracking system (0.2 M)
  • Decursin enhances the radio-sensitization of in-vivo cancer model (0.5M)
Industrial & Research Projects (In Progress)
  • Development of Antimicrobial nanocarriers (HEC 4 M)
  • Automatic and adaptive control system for improved myoelectric control (5.9 M)

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​​Lab Facilities
  • Human Systems Lab
  • Biochemistry Lab
  • Oncology Lab
  • Prosthetics lab