News NCSC visit to NUST elementary school Darya Khan

NCSC visit to NUST elementary school Darya Khan


On June 19 2023, under Project Elevate, NUST Community Services Club (NCSC) volunteers along with AD Hostels Female, Ms Muniba from Field Administration Dte visited NUST Elementary school in Darya Khan, Bhakkar. NUST Elementary school, Darya Khan is working under the flagship of NUST since 2012. After the devastating floods in 2012, as part of the rehabilitation assistance, NUST established Girls Primary school in Darya Khan on 1st February 2012 as part of welfare project. Approximately 150 girls from nearby villages are studying in this school free of cost from Class PG to class 8.
The 2-day visit began with 4 x volunteers travelling to Darya Khan, Bhakkar to the school where they interacted with students of the school. The volunteers conducted science experiments to demonstrate practical of the concepts learnt in classroom. Furthermore, they carried out an Eid card activity with the students. Moreover, NCSC donated Rs. 85000 for the purchase of furniture for the school. Director Field Administration, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Beg also accompanied the students.
The volunteers set out to visit the community nearby the school on 20th June 2023. They had the privilege of visiting three small bastian and witnessing and contributing to the transformative power of education. Warm welcomes greeted the team at Basti Muhammad Bakhsh, where volunteers talked to the community members about the role girls’ education plays in revolutionizing communities. Locals in Basti Ali Luck expressed how valuable NUST’s free vocational school there was proving to be, empowering residents and giving them hope for a brighter future. In Basti Balochan, volunteers interacted with the community representative to highlight the need to encourage girls to pursue education. In the school visit, volunteers actively connected with the students, from playgroup to eighth grade, through meaningful activities, like sculpting with play dough, learning about germs, crafting exquisite Eid cards, experimenting with light and sound, and embarking on a fascinating exploration of the solar system.
All in all, Elevate’s trip was a catalyst for change; NCSC is grateful for this opportunity and determined to keep doing what it can to make the dream of inclusive and quality education for all a reality.