Researches Automotive Research Centre (ARC)

Automotive Research Centre (ARC)

Group Members
  • Professor R.A. Mufti

  • Dr S. R. Shah (Assistant Professor)

  • Mr Mian Ashfaq

  • Dr Rehan Zahid

  • Dr Jawad Aslam

  • Mr Fazal Badshah (LAB TECH)

Research Projects (Completed)
  • Engine Blow-by monitoring system for off-road vehicles Client: Millat Tractors

  • Instrumentation and testing of Audi TDi engine for valve train performance. Client: British Petroleum UK

  • Engine health monitoring system for engines up to 150kw Client: United Traders

  • Customized engine blow-by measuring system for power units. Client: Power Vision

  • Engine Test Cell for green Engines. Client: Millat Tractors

Research Projects (In Progress)
  • Engine valve train friction for fuel economy (PSF)

  • Mercedes Benz OM464 engine valve train performance (Lubrizol USA)

  • Development of complete engine test cell for OEM (Millat Tractors)

  • Instantaneous oil consumption measurement system (Millat Tractors)

  • Multi-purpose powertrain test rig

  • Wear and lubrication maps

  • Calculation of film thicknesses in elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication.

  • Development of new techniques for engine component performance

  • Design and development of special sensors for automotive industries.

  • Lubricant-Engine compatibility studies.

Commercial Products
  • Engine blow-by monitoring system for Power Units up to 750 bhp. (Rs 130,000/-)

  • Engine Blow-by monitoring system for diesel engines up to 150kw

  • RAM-BB1 is portable plug and play system which can be connected to any laptop or computer through USB port. (PRs 285,000/-)

  • RAM-BB2 is a standalone system with built-in panel PC specially designed for field applications. (PRs 335,000/-)

  • Engine blow-by indicator for workshops and dealers.(Rs 40,000/-)

  • ​Development of engine blow-by meter RAM-BB2, Patent Application No: 854/2011.

  • Oil film thickness measurement system for engine journal bearings using localized capacitive technique, Patent Application No: 188/2013

  • Development of engine blow-by meter based on micro controller, Patent Application No: 190/2013.

  • Technique and apparatus for engine tappet speed monitoring system, Patent Application No: 189/2013.

  • Method and apparatus for measuring the torque on the camshaft of an internal combustion engine (Patent No: EP1816456)

  • Method for the measurement of the rotation of a valve train follower and apparatus for carrying out the method (Patent No: EP1835135)