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Design & Manufacturing Research Group

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Group Members
  • Dr Shahid Ikramullah
  • Dr Khalid Akhtar
  • Dr Mushtaq Khan
  • Dr Husain Imran
  • Engr. Naweed Hassan
External Members
  • Dr Riaz Ahmed (NUST)
  • Dr Rehan Akhtar (PILO)
  • Dr Nauman Ahmed (CEME)
  • Dr Syed Waheed (HIT-Defence)
  • Dr Liaqat Ali​
Research Areas
  • Product Design & Development
  • Laser Manufacturing/Material Processing
  • Surface Treatment and Sand Casting
  • CNC / High Speed Machining
  • Rapid Prototyping (RP)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and performance
  • Manufacturing System Modeling & Simulation
  • Lean Manufacturing & Facility Layout
  • Solar Powered Transportation
Industrial Projects(Completed)
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication of Electric Bus for H-12 Campus
  • APU (Auxiliary Power Unit Test Rig) ​
  • Manufacturing of Jatropha Seed Bio-Diesel Plant & Installation
  • Design and development of Mechanical Knee Joint (Collaboration MVRDE)
  • Various Project for Heavy Industries Taxil ​
  • Phone Casing for Secure Communication (for AWC using RP facility)
  • LSC (Laser Shot Controller) Box
  • Design and fabrication of Jaw opening mechanism for dinosaurs (Natural History Museum Islamabad)​
  • Design and development of small scale autoclave for chemicals testing​
  • Design and development of test rig for drilling of hard rocks in petroleum exploration (HEC Startup Research Grant IPFP)​​
Research Projects(Completed)
  • Syntronics Ltd. Implementation of Six Sigma approach (Extrusion, Weaving, Cutting & Stitching Departments)
  • Production Optimization of Ceiling Fan Production Shop at Starco Fan Industry.
  • Reduction in Welding Defects and Rejection Rates at Pakistan Welding Institute.
  • Implementation of Statistical Quality Control Tools at Refrigerator production line of Haier Industries to improve
  • Quality and enhance Productivity.​
Industrial & Research Projects (In Progress)
  • Design and Development of Environmental chamber for testing of single photovoltaic solar cell in Cryogenic conditions.
  • Effect of fatigue on surface finish of machined.
  • Aluminum Alloys (AL6061).
  • Development of a feature-code based on ISO14649 for machining of pockets and holes on CNC milling Machine.
  • Development of Production Software to calculate production time of article stitching for ? Service Shoes Industry?.
  • Rectification/Removal of defects in 9x19mm ammo.​​
​​​​​​Research Papers ​Journals ​Conferences ​Book Chapters​
​6 ​12 ISI, 09 Non-ISI ​39 ​1


Students Registered With DMRG
​​​​​PhD Students ​Ms Students
​6 ​38


Lab Facilities
  • Micro Cim Lab
  • Cad Cam Lab
  • Measurement And Instrumentation Lab
  • Cnc Lab (Lathe Milling)
  • Rapid Prototyping (Rp) Lab
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab​

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