Researches Robotics & Intelligent Systems Engineering(RISE)

Robotics & Intelligent Systems Engineering(RISE)

Group Members
  • Dr. Yasar Ayaz
  • Dr. Sara Baber Sial
  • Dr. Fahad Iqbal Khawaja (On Leave)
  • Fatma Faruq
  • Mr. Fahad Islam
  • Mr. Fazal Ahmad Azad
External Members
  • Dr. Mannan Saeed
  • Umar Asif
  • Ahmed Hussain Qureshi
Research Areas
  • Cognitive robotics
  • Machine intelligence
  • Design, control, environment perception
  • Motion planning for robotic systems
  • Mobile robots
  • Humanoid robots
  • Multi-legged robots
  • Intelligent prosthesis bionics
  • Robotic manipulators
Industrial & Research Projects (In Progress)
  • Humanoids and Legged Robots
    • RoboCup: Standard Platforms League
  • First and Only Team which qualified for RoboCup Top / Standard Platforms League
  • Covered by 6 TV Channels including: BBC, Samaa TV, Channel 92 News HD, Neo TV, Pakistan Television (PTV), Sach TV
    • ​​​Footstep Planning Among Obstacles for Humanoid Robots
  • Cited by Top Universities of more than 12 countries
    • ​​​NUSTBOT-3 Humanoid Robot
  • Third Humanoid Robot in NUSTBOT Robots Series
  • Mobile Robotics
    • ​​​Intelligent Wheelchair Project
  • Collaboration: Sakura Wheelchairs, JAPAN & Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    • Motion Planning for Mobile Robots
    • Environment Perception in Human Environments
    • Human Tracking and Following for Service Robots
    • Perceptual Aliasing for Service Robots
  • Motion Planning
    • Sampling Based Optimal Motion Planning
  •  Cited by top universities including Carnegie Mellon, KAIST etc
    • ​​Autowave Based Motion Planning
  • Cybernetics and Bionics
  • (Collaboration: Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFIRM) & SHIFA International Hospital)
    • Human-EEG based control of robots
    • Intelligent Robotic Prosthetic Hand.
    • Upper Limb Exoskeleton Device
    • Active Prosthetic Foot
    • Active Ankle-Foot Robotic Exoskeleton Device.
  • Human-Robot Interaction
    • Communication through Expressive Emotions
    • Interactive Humanoid Robot
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Students Registered With RISE
​​​​​​PhD Students ​MS Students
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