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Honors & Award

2019 Achievements
​​​Sr.No. Institution​ Recipient​ ​Award ​Awarding Organization​
​1.​​ ​SMME ​Dr. Waqas Khalid ​Best Student Award (Doctor of Philosophy) ​University of Technology Malaysia (UTM)
​2. ​SMME ​Mr. Shoaib Ahmed ​Best Teacher Award ​SMME
​3. ​SMME ​​Dr. Omer Gilani ​Best Researcher Award ​SMME


2018 Achievements
​​​​Sr.No. Institution​ ​Recipient Award​ ​Awarding Organization​
​1. ​SMME ​Dr. Emad Uddin ​Best Researcher Award (Institute Level)​ ​SMME
​2. ​SMME ​Dr. Muhammad Sajid​ ​Best Teacher Award (Institute Level) ​SMME
2017 Achievements
​​​Sr.No. ​Institution Recipient​ ​Award ​Awarding Organization
1.​ ​SMME ​Dr. Nabeel Anwar ​Best Researcher Award (Institute Level) ​SMME
2.​ ​SMME ​Dr. Samiur Rahman Shah ​Best Teacher Award (Institute Level) ​SMME