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Manufacturing Resource Center (MRC)

​Manufacturing Resource center (MRC) has been established in School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Sector H-12 Campus, Islamabad and functional since December 2011. The center has already acquired and made operative a full range of basic manufacturing technologies. The induction of advance state of the art technologies will be undertaken in next phase. The center now has capability to train and educate more than 500 UG students for their workshop technology courses annually. MRC is providing support to all engineering schools/College/Institutions/Departments who have Manufacturing or Workshop Practice courses in their curriculum.

Besides education, MRC also plays a vital role of backbone for manufacturing of parts and products in NUST. It not only provides support to students for their projects and tasks both at Under and Post Graduate level, it also has provided support to local industry by accepting their manufacturing requirements. Many projects are in the pipe line.

In the center, a Design office and a Reference facility is also being created to have a complete capability for product or part manufacturing, starting from design and ending up as a product. It also includes preparation of complete documentation like Manufacturing drawings, Process sequence, Catalogues, Schematics, Manuals etc. An undocumented parts can also be reverse engineered at this center as soon as the Reference Lab and Design office are set up. In near future, Heat Treatment and Tool Room facility will also be established to provide deeper support for comprehensive manufacturing endeavor. MRC has a highly trained and dedicated technical staff and draftsman to train students, demonstrate work. They also work on the projects those come to MRC.


MRC Capabilities:

MRC is seen to derive its unique and innovative status in terms of its existence and operation under a University environment. It is supported by a high profile faculty and expertise that is already available in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (SMME). It is staffed by a well-trained composite team having basic expertise and skills in different fields of manufacturing.

DMRC has been planned to be set up in three phases. Phase 1 and Phase 2 has already been achieved while phase 3 is being planned for State-of-the-Art manufacturing facilities.


The present facilities of DMRC include nine major areas which in due course will be augmented by equipment as mentioned earlier. The facilities include:

Surface Treatment Lab:

It includes chrome, zinc, nickel and copper plating along with polishing facilities. The facilities are utilized for educational as well as industrial purpose. At a time five tanks can be operated, thus ensuring a substantial capacity.

Electrical Lab:

Electrical facility of DMRC comprises of soldering stations, winding station, AC/DC electrical Test Bench facility and a number of work stations. Facility for testing of both single and three phase electrical circuits and related equipment is also in place.

Bench Fitting Lab:

In this facility all kinds of hand operations can be carried out like filing, drilling, reaming, tapping and thread cutting. The facility has both hand and machine operations to support major activities in DMRC.

Wood Working Lab:

It is essentially a pattern making facility which can also carry out wood working work. It includes planning, sawing, wood turning etc. The required machine tools are available along with 04 hand work stations.

Machine Lab:

In the machine shop conventional machining facilities have been set up in this lab including Turning, Milling and Surface Grinding. The capability also includes following specialized facilities:

  • EDM Wire Cut
  • EDM Die Sinking
Welding & Fabrication Shop:

MRC has different type of basic welding and fabrication facility which includes;

  • Arc Welding
  • Gas Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Spot Welding
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Stamping Press
  • Sheet bending Machine
  • Pipe Benders
  • Shear Cutters etc.
Foundry & Forging Lab:

In the foundry at MRC, conventional sand casting along with a pit furnace has been created. Melting has been augmented with an electric induction furnace for ferrous and non-ferrous metals melting. Hydraulic Plastic Injection molding machine has been placed in MRC. A small scale sand blasting machine has been installed for cleaning of work pieces where necessary.

In forging shop 5 BS forges for heating of metals have been installed for upsetting and drawing hand operations of hot work pieces. Most hand forging equipment with anvils and blocks have been installed. A medium / small scale forging can presently be carried out in this facility. In forging a Pneumatic Hammer is also available for forging of heavier jobs.


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School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering National University of Sciences & Technology Sector H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering National University of Sciences & Technology Sector H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan.