Collaborations National & International Projects

National & International Projects

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Live Project
​​​​Sr. No. Project Title Name of PI Funded By Cost in Million Start Date
1. Power generation from ocean by using array of energy harvesting eel (NRPU) Dr. Emad-ud-Din HEC (NRPU) 6.240 Aug 16
2. Large Scale oscillatory brain network correlate early stage of motor learning  (NRPU) Dr. Nabeel Anwar/ Lec  Umer Ansari HEC (NRPU) 2.7 Nov 2016
3. NUST SMME Grants to University Dr Irtiza Ali Shah HEC 0.996 10/3/2015
4. Design and Development of vertical Balancing Machine for Local Industry Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti HEC (TDF) 8.253 June 17
5. Pre-Clinical Studies of Antibacterial Nano-Carriers (ATNs); Real Time Effect of the ATNs on Bacterial (NRPU) Dr. Nosheen Fatima Rana HEC (NRPU) 8.0 May 2017
6. Development of Mobile Automotive Technology Test-bed Dr. Samiur- Rahman R& D Fund 2.75 Mar 14
7. Establishment of Medical Device Development Centre at NUST Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali MoST 200.680 Jul 2017
8. Design and development of a multi output Gear Box Dr. Sami ur Rehman NESCOM 0.3 Sep 2017
9. Design & Dev of Hybird Wind Tunnel Model Dr. Mushtaq Khan NESCOM 0.3 Dec 2017
10. Design And Development Of Vacuum Forming Machine Dr. Mian Ashfaq HEC (TDF) 5.75 May 2019
11. Development of Prototype Electric Vehicle for Motion Control, Active Safety and High Efficiency Using in Wheel motor Dynamics Dr. Mian Ashfaq HEC (NRPU) 11.435 Feb 2019
12. Development of Tribologically-advanced and Environment-friendly Valve Train Assembly for Automotive Engine Dr. Rehan Zahid HEC (NRPU) 11.435 Feb 2019
13. A Cold Side Thermal Management Study of Solar Photovoltiac Cells using  active and passive methods for the power output enhancement Dr. Muhammad Sajid HEC (NRPU) 7.225 Feb 2019
14. Automatic and adaptive control system for improved myoelectric control Dr. Omer Gillani HEC (NRPU) 5.953 Feb 2019
15. Design And Development Of Multilayered Armour Protection System Dr. Aamir Mubashir HEC (TDF) 13.970 May 2019


Completed Project
​Sr.  No. Title of Project PI Date of Completion Total Cost (Million) Sponsored by
International Projects
1. Cummins – B valve train test rig Dr Riaz A Mufti 2012 17 M* BP
2. Follower Rotation Measurement on the VWTDI (AUDI) -Cylinder Head Dr Riaz A Mufti 2013 USD9,000 BP UK
3. Slip Roll Ratio Measurement on Low Friction Valve Trains Dr Riaz A Mufti 2013 USD 18000 BP (UK)
4. Mercedes Benz OM 464 Project Dr Riaz A Mufti 2015 2.0 Lubrizol (USA)
5. Development of 5000 Meter Range Unmanned Helicopter alongwith all its System Dr Irtiza Ali Shah 2014 US$ 10,000/- UNESCO
National Projects
6. Vision Based Quality Control Solution for football shape analysis Lec Emad ud Din 2010 1 AKI (Pvt) Ltd., Sialkot
7. Solar Water Heating for SMME Building Mr. Zia-ud-Din 2011 0.065 SMME
8. Design, Development & Rapid Prototyping (RP) of casing for secure communication device Dr. Mushtaq Khan 2011 0.3 Air Weapons Complex
9. Engine Blow-by Monitoring System Dr Riaz A Mufti 2011 0.5 Millat Tractors
10. Low Cost Electric Bike and Electric Vehicle Dr Riaz A Mufti 2011 7.2 Energen HEC
11. Aurigen APU Test Rig Engr M Naweed Hassan 2012 0.329 HIT
12. Commercial Product Engine Health Monitoring System Dr Riaz A Mufti 2012 0.21 Power Vision
13. Engine health monitoring system. Dr Riaz A Mufti 2012 2.5 M United Traders
14. Engine and Chasis Dynamiter Dr Riaz A Mufti 2012 0.190 Venus Technology Pvt Ltd
15. Manufacturing of (EC) CNC Parts Engr M Naweed Hassan 2012 0.039 Electro Control
16. Manufacturing of PCB Parts Dr Nabeel Anwer 2012 0.027 SEECS, RWR & HIT
17. Manufacturing of CNC Parts (Boxes) Engr M Naweed Hassan 2012 0.06 Synertech Associates
18. Manufacturing of CNC Parts Engr M Naweed Hassan 2012 0.071 Synertech Associate
19. Manufacturing of RP Parts Engr M Naweed Hassan 0.096
20. Development of a base platform for Aerial Robotics R & D Dr Irtiza Ali Shah 2012 1.0 R&D Fund
21. Feasibility of Production / Manufacturing System set up in Industry Dr. Shahid Ikramullah 2013 0.800 HEC (PDRG)
22. Knee Joint Project (Part I) Dr. Liaqat Ali 2013 0.0795 MVRDE
23. Tool Analysis for the Drilling of Hard Rocks in Petroleum DR. H Imran 2013 0.500 HEC   IPFP
24. Fabrication of Jatropha Biodiesel Prototype Pilot Plant Engr M Naweed Hassan 2013 1.5 ST Venture
25. Design and Development of Engine Test Cell for Green Engineers Dr Riaz A Mufti 2013 3.0 Millat Tractor
26. Development of a 10KM range flight control system for helicopter developed at SMME Dr. Irtiza Ali Shah 2014 0.498 NUST (R&D)
27. 2 x APU Engr M Naweed Hassan 2014 1.0 HIT
28. Control System for Engine Test Bed Dr Riaz A Mufti 2014 0.75 Power Vision
29. Radiator Dry lead Detection System Dr Riaz A Mufti 2014 0.59 Kortech
30. Knee Joint Part Project (Part II) MVRDE Dr. Liaqat Ali 2015 0.069 MVRD
31. PEFMA Fan Project Dr. Shahid Ikramullah 2015 0.5 NUST (R&D
32. Design and Modification of Dinosaur and Solar System Dr Liaquat Ali 0.205 Pak Muesum of National History Isb
33. Development of Micro Air Vehicle for Survey and Surveillance Dr. Irtiza Ali Shah 2015 0.498 NUST (R&D)
34. Manufacturing and Fabrication of Electric Bus for H-12 Sector NUST Campus Engr M Naweed Hassan 2015 1.30 NUST
35. Fascia Suturing (Closure) Device Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali 2015 0.350 Shifa International
36. Dev & Mfg of Electric Computer Solar Charger Engr M Naweed 1.20
37. HEC SMME  Open Source OPN Dr. M Sajid 0.5 HEC
38. Modeling and robust control of grid connected converters Dr. Mohsin Jamil 2015 0.5 HEC
39. Design and Development of Canal-based Hydrokinetic Turbine Prototype Dr. Abdul Ghafoor 2016 0.968 DTCE
40. Dynamic vertical balancing machine Dr Riaz A Mufti Dec 2016 0.6 Mecas Engineering
41. Investigating the Film Strength in a Dynamically Loaded Bearing Using Localized Capacitance Technique Dr. Mushtaq Khan Aug 2016 0.5 HEC

Apr 2011, 9 Month

42. Tribological study of Engine Valve Train (PSF Funded) Dr Riaz A Mufti 2017 2.1 PSF
43. A Functional Stent-graft for the Treatment of Oesophageal Cancer Dr. M Najabat Ali 2017 1.0 R&D Fund
44. (Institutional Strengthening) Design and Dev of Bioresorbable Drug eluted Stents for Treatment of Coronary Heart Diseases Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali 2017 1.906 HEC
45. Human Detection Dr. Omer Gillani 2017 0.2 NESCOM
46. Human Torso Detection Dr. Omer Gillani 2017 0.2 NESCOM
47. Development & Commercialization of Intelligent Functional Stent for the Treatment of Lung Cancer Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali 2017 1.2 PSF
48. Development of computational model saliency for videos Dr. Omer Gillani Jul 2017 0.276 HEC
49. Modeling of Biomechanical Movement for Active Prosthetic Hand Manufacturing and Assembly Dr. Mushtaq Khan Aug 2017 0.2 NESCOM
50. Piezoelectric Materials Synthesis and Development Dr. Mushtaq Khan Aug 2017 0.2 NESCOM
51. A Natural Product Decursin Enhances the Radio Sensitization of in-vivo Cancer Model Dr. Adeeb Shahzad Dec 2017 0.44 HEC (SRGP)
52. Design and implementation of a 2D traversing mechanism for wind tunnel test section Dr. Emad Uddin Dec 2017 0.2 NESCOM
53. Prediction of Steel Erosion Under High Temperature and High Pressure Dr. Emad-ud Din Jul 2018 0.1 NESCOM
54. Hydrodynamic modeling of underwater vehicles using CFD/Semi empirical methods Dr. Emad-ud Din Jul 2018 0.1 NESCOM
55. Prediction of Deformation in Welded High Strength long members of chassis Dr. Emad-ud Din Jul 2018 0.1 NESCOM
56. NUST HEC Social Integrations Program (Mobil Labs) Dr M Safdar Jul 2018 0.900 HEC
57. Smart Coronary Stent Endoprosthesis for Real-Time Coronary Heart Disease Management” Dr Murtaza Najabat Ali Dec 2018 8.096 Ignite (ICT & R&D)
58. Micro scanning Stage Design Dr. Mohsin Jamil/Dr. Omer Apr 2018 0.3 NESCOM
59. Directivity Analysis of Marine Propeller Acoustics Dr. Emad Uddin 2018 0.15 NESCOM
60. Harbour Protection – Computational Hydrodynamics Study Dr. Emad Uddin 2018 0.15 NESCOM
61. Establishment of the Facility for the Indigenous Development of Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) Balloon Catheters  Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali May 2018 33.00 MoST
62. Crowed Analytics: Anomaly Detection and counting (SRGP) Dr. Hassan Sajid Nov 2018 0.49 HEC
63. Investigation of Energy Harvesting Eel for Power Generation (SRGP) Dr. Emad Uddin 29th Mar 2019 0.489 HEC
64. Target Discrimination in Electro Optical System Dr. Omer Gilani 31st Jan 2019 0.2 NESCOM
65. Implementation of Image Deconvolution on Embedded System Dr. Omer Gilani 31st Jan 2019 0.2 NESCOM
66. Laboratory Setup for membrane Distillation Research (SRGP) Dr. Zaib Ali Jul 2019 0.490 HEC
67. Hydraulic Steering Actuator Test Rig Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti Sep 2019 0.667 Royal Tech

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