Collaborations Patents


Awarded Patents

  • Ankle Foot Orthotic (Class-03) (28 Dec 2018)
    Dr. Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Zain Shami
  • Anisotropic Stent Device for the Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease (11 Aug 2019)
    Dr.Murtaza Najabat Ali, Faisal Amin
  • Counterintuitive Auxetic Intramedullary Bone Stent and Method for Treating Long Bone Fracture (11 Aug 2019)
    Dr.Murtaza Najabat Ali, Zainab Munib
  • Semi-Pasive Upper Body Orthotic Device (7 Nov 2019)
    Ayed Aized Raza, Dr. Umer Ansari, Palwasha Kifayat, Hina Nayab
  • Hybrid Darrieus-Savonius Micro Hydrokinetic Turbine (2 Feb 2020)
    Dr. Muhammad Sajid, Mr Umar Farooq, Mr M Nauman Saeed, Farhan Rafique
  • Suture Free Strip Bond Patch for Suture-less Wound Closure (2 Jul 2020)
    Dr. Nosheen Fatima, Mr. Usman Ashraf, Mr Syed Mohsin Ali, Dr. Aamir Mubashar
  • Brain Imaging Tools for Medical Diagnosis (Class-03) (22 Jul 2020)
    Muhammad Hamza Asif Nizami, Umer Asgher, Sara Ali, Yasar Ayaz, Muhammad Jawad Khan
  • Actuator of Exeskeleton Hand Class 3 (2 Jul 2020)
    Muhammad Hamza Asif Nizami, Umer Asgher, Sara Ali, Yasar Ayaz, Muhammad Jawad Khan
  • Six figure Actuator (2 Jul 2020)
    Fahad Imtiaz, Ibrahim Bin Yasar, M Umer Khan Niazi, Dr. Yasar Ayaz, M Hamza Asif Nizami,Dr. M Jawad Khan, Ms Sara Ali

Patents Filed

  • Development of Engine Blow-By Meter by instrumenting J-16 Axel Flow Meter (2011)
    Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti, Mian Ashfaq
  • Auxetic Structures and Their Applications in Non Vascular Pathologies (2013)
    Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali
  • Oil Film Thickness Measurement System for Engine Journel Bearing using Localized Capative Technique (2013)
    Dr. Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Dr.Riaz Ahmad Mufti, Mr. Syed Hammad Ali Burney, Mr. Jibraan Khalid, Mr. Bilal Abbasi
  • Techniques and Appratus for Engine Tappet Speed Monitoring System (2013)
    Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti, Mr. Rehan Zahid, Mr. Jawad Aslam, Mr. Nabeel Anwar
  • Development of Engine Blow-by Meter Based on Micro Controller and Axel Flow Meter (2013)
    Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti, Mian Aashfaq Ali, Mr. Jawad Aslam
  • Engine Direct Acting Follower Rotational Speed Measuring System (2013)
    Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti, Mr. Rehan Zahid, Mr. Jawad Aslam, Mr. Muhammad Khurram
  • Vision Based Automatic Mold Positioning System in a Sand Casting Process (2013)
    Umar Mushtaq, Dr. Ikramullah Butt, Dr. Mushtaq Khan, Dr. Liaqat Ali, Dr. Husnain Imran and Naveed Hassan
  • Pin on Disk Tribometer (2013)
    Syed Hussain Imran Jaffery, Mushtaq Khan, Shahid Ikramullah Butt, liaqut Ali, Umar Mushtaq, and Shahid Sadiq
  • Intelligent Bandage with Drug Dispensation and Adjustable Porosity System for Topical Wounds (2014)
    Dr. Umar Ansari and Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali, Mariam Mir
  • A Novel Skeletal Plate System for Tubular and Flat Bones Fracture (2014)
    Dr. Umar Ansari and Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali
  • NUST Interactive Podium (2014)
    Nabeel Younis and Ajmal Farooq
  • A Multi Functional Device that Promotes Wound Healing Through Drug Delivery and Exudate Removal (2014)
    Umar Ansari, Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali and Ms. Marium
  • Dynamic oil film thickness measurement system for engine valve trans using electrical capacitive technique (2015)
    Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti
  • Technique and Apparatus for Rotational Speed and Sliding Measurement of Roller in Roller Follower Valve Train in Engine (2015)
    Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti
  • Electronic Valve Train for internal combustion engines (2015)
    Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti
  • Ligament augmentation stent technology for augmenting Anterior cruciate ligament healing through primary repair (2015)
    Dr. Mohsin Jamil, Dr. Umar Ansari, Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali, Tehreem Jamil
  • Flexible Resistive Sensor (2016)
    Dr. Yasar Ayaz
  • Cam Lobe Wear Measurement Apparatus and Technique (2016)
    Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti
  • A New Stent with Novel Auxetic Structural Configurations (2017)
    Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali, Dr. Umar Ansari, Hafsah Akhtar, Faiza Bukhari
  • A Novel Deployment Device for Stents having Negative Poisson’s Ratio (2017)
    Dr. Umar Ansari, Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali, Faiza Bukhari, Hafsah Akhtar
  • A low Cost Wearable Exoskeleton Suit for Weight Handling (Class-01) (2018)
    Muhammad Hamza Asif Nizami, Faizan Ahmed, Yasar Ayaz, Sara Ali, Muhammad Jawad Khan
  • Perforated Armour Plate (2018)
    Dr. Emad Uddin
  • Indirect Evaporative Cooler Working on Maisotsenko Cycle (2018)
    Dr. Emad Uddin
  • Engine Internal Health Monitoring System (2018)
    Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti
  • Design and Testing of Stimulation based Vibrators on Planter Surface of Foot (2018)
    Dr. Nabeel Anwar
  • Powder Bed Layer Deposition mechanism for the 3D Printing of Sand Molds (2018)
    Dr. Mushtaq Khan
  • Knee D
    ouble Bearing (2018)
    Dr. Yasar Ayaz
  • Kinematic Chain (2018)
    Hamza Butt
  • FNRIS Headband (2018)
    Dr. Muhammad Jawad Khan
  • Exeskeleton Suit (2018)
    Dr. Yasar Ayaz
  • Ankle Cross Shaft (2018)
    Ms. Sara Babar
  • Actuator (2018)
    Dr. Yasar Ayaz
  • Prosthetic Knee (2018)
    Dr. Yasar Ayaz
  • Passive Adaptive Ankle Mechanism (2018)
    Dr. Yasar Ayaz
  • Use of Polyethylene Energy Absorber in Automobile Bumper Beam System (2019)
    Dr. Shahid Ikram Ullah
  • Savonius Hydrokinetic Turbine for Low Speed Applications (2019)
    Dr. Zaib Ali
  • Vertical Axis Hydrokinetic Gorlov Turbine for Low flow and Low Head Conditions (2019)
    Dr Muhammad Sajid
  • Hybrid Darrieus-Savonius Micro Hydrokinetic Turbine (2019)
    Dr Muhammad Sajid
  • Single Motor Driven Differential Drive for Tendon-based 3D-Printable Soft Exoskeletal Glove (2019)
    Dr. Jawad Aslam
  • Test Bench for Pipe Network Analysis (2019)
    Dr Muhammad Sajid
  • Semi-Active Knee Prosthesis for Transfemoral Amputees (2019)
    Muhammad Haseeb Kazmi, Usman Shafi Khan, Qais Ahmad, Dr. Yasar Ayaz, Muhammad Hamza Asif Nizami, Muhammad Jawad Khan, Sara Ali
  • NCAI Logo (2019)
    Dr. Yasar Ayaz
  • Design and testing of stimulation-based vibrators on planter surface of foot (2019)
    Rabia Awan, Dr. Muhammad Nabeel Anwer, Naeem Khan
  • Solar Regenerated Desiccant Based Evaporative Cooling (2019)
    Tashfeen Ali Ahmed, Muhammad Ehasan Ullah Kayani, Syed Shane Haider Zaidi,Usama Ishaq and Hafiz M. Abd-ur-Rehman
  • Gel-based Hand Sanitizer (2020)
    Dr Nosheen Fatima
  • Liquid Hand Sanitizer for General Public (2020)
    Dr Nosheen Fatima
  • Multi-purpose Disinfectant for Professionals (2020)
    Dr Nosheen Fatima
  • Design and Development of Direct Drive Vertical Balancing Machine (2020)
    Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti
  • Design and Development of Perpendicular Static Vertical Disk Brake Balancing Machine (2020)
    Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti
  • P-CHAB Suit (2020)
    Roha Ashfaq
  • Single Motor Cable-Driven Exo-Skeleton Arm for Strength Augmentation (2020)
    Mr. Abdul Moiz Awan, Mr. Asaad Waqar, Mr. Muhammad Ahmad, Mr. Shehryar Hussain, Dr. Sana Waheed
  • Cannabinoids and Terpenes as an Antibacterial and Antibiofouling Promotor for PES Water Filtration Membranes (2020)
    Dr Nosheen Fatima
  • Development of a Linear Acoustic Array for Aero-Acoustic Quantification of Camber-Bladed Vertical Axis wind Turbine (2020)
    Dr. Emad Uddin
  • Brain Tumour Image Segmentation Using Deep Networks (2020)
    Dr Syed Omer Gilani
  • In Vitro Investigation and Evaluation of Novel Drug Based on Polyherbal Extract against Type 2 Diabetes (2020)
    Dr Murtaza Najabat Ali
  • Development and Testing of Wearable Vibrotactile Haptic Feedback System for Proprioceptive Rehabilitation (2020)
    Dr. Sara Ali
  • Cladding Nozzle for Multi-Powder Feeder (2020)
    Dr. Mushtaq Khan
  • Design and Development of Parallel Arm Vertical Disc Brake Balancing Machine (2021)
    Dr Riaz Ahmad Mufti is the inventor and Dr Jawad Aslam, Mr Talha Yousuf, & Mr. Rehan Bin Safeer
  • A Polyherbal-based Pharmaceutical Formulation comprising of Antihyperglycemic and Antioxidant Properties (2021)
    Dr Murtaza Najabat Ali, Ms Zunaira Qureshi