Departments Department of Biomedical Engineering & Sciences

Department of Biomedical Engineering & Sciences

The Department of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences was established with an emphasis on the medical research, innovation and commercialization. The key areas of our research are Biomaterials, Bioechemistry, Medicine, Bio-nanotechnology, Neurosciences, Rehabilitation Engineering, Signals and Imaging and Medical Device Designing. All emerging fields in above contemporary areas assists in transformation of disease diagnostics, treatment and prognosis of existing treatments which could help in combating the health challenges in the developing countries. Advance curriculum and student internships support the objective of quality education. Moreover, high external funding secured from different local and foreign agencies aids to execute cutting edge research activities and student support.  MS(BME & BMS) & PhD(BME & BMS) program at the department of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences commenced in 2012 and 2014 respectively.

Head of Department Message

Dr Muhammad Asim Waris

Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, the fastest growing multidisciplinary area is involved in the research, design and development of bioinstrumentation, biomaterials, biomechanics, cells, tissues and genetics, clinical engineering, medical imaging and rehabilitation. The future, beyond doubt, belongs to Biomedical Engineering and Sciences which will have an enormous impact on the improvement of health services and related industry by combining the design and problem solving skills of Engineering with Medical and Biology. In pursuit of this reality, the Biomedical Engineering and Sciences postgraduate programme at NUST-SMME is intended to equip our students to meet the ever increasing health care challenges, and to get quality education in Pakistan, and to meet the requirement of skilled and professional engineers in the market including hospitals, manufacturers of biomedical equipment and prosthetic manufacturers.

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To create enabling technologies with a view to bring Pakistan in line with modern technologies with requisite sustaining capability.

A realization of this vision will enable the BMES graduates to address the challenges in health care by meeting the needs of local and international industry, health organizations and institutes, research and development organizations, as well as prevailing needs of higher education in the world.

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